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Influence of jaw crusher parameters on the quality of ..., 2020-6-1 · The crusher has an opening of 800 x 500 mm; the recommended maximum material size for this crusher is specified to 410 mm. The crusher was fed by a vibrating feeder with adjustable feed rate. The stroke of the crusher was constant at 30 mm, while three CSS were used: 40 mm, 70 mm, and 100 mm. The normal speed for the crusher was 355 rpm.A review of current research on spin currents and spin ..., 2019-9-27 · (c) The square of the resonance-cone angle as a function of the input microwave power, where the inset shows the power-dependent cone angle. (d) Spin-pumping voltage as a function of sin 2 θ c. The inset shows cavity FMR spectra of YIG and Pt/YIG films. The black dotted lines are the separatrices between the linear and nonlinear regimes.4 Ways to Make an Octagon, 2020-5-5 · An octagon is a polygon that has eight sides. Generally, when most people think of the word "octagon", they're thinking of a regular octagon - one that has both sides and angles of the same size (like the shape of most stop signs). It's easy to make an accurate octagon in a variety of ways that require only basic materials - see Step 1 below to get started..

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