m22 rock crusher ratios

Muncie M22 or Borg ST10,  · The primary advantage in your situation is you can tell everyone you have a "Rock Crusher" transmission in your car. They also have a really noisy gear sound in 1st-3rd gear. The "Rock Crusher" has a panache almost as iconic as saying you have a "hemi". Actual performance, a super T-10 is probably better suited given your rear ratio.transmission question,  · The M22 is a heavy-duty close ratio standard transmission. Some call it the "Rock Crusher". Does it fly off the line? M20 has a lower 1st gear. Some high performance cams don't "take off" until 2800 or more. A wide ratio tranny would be better in this case.Technical,  · Before you can drive your car or truck down the highway you will need a transmission, then a decision has to be made and for this thread lets say you want a straight drive, the options are the traditional 3 speed transmission, ether column or floor shift, then there's the old top loaders & rock crusher 4 speeds then the later model transmissions like the T-5's.Muncie M22 or Borg ST10,  · Muncie M22 or Borg ST10 Pontiac - Street. Remember Me? Join us now!FOR SALE, 2020-5-28 · Muncie M22 4-speed rock crusher with all current upgrades. Three heavy duty Diffs, all in different ratio's. Koni double adjustable shocks. 9"x15-1/2" wheels with original J56 brake system with cooling. MANY spares included. The car ran regularly in the top five for a group of 40 to 50 racers in A&B Production and A-Sedan. Was vintage raced ....

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Using a Super T,  · Using a Super T-10 4spd behind a GM?? Engine & Drivetrain. The 1947 - Present Chevrolet & GMC Truck Message Board Network > General Truck Forums > Engine & Drivetrain: Using a Super T-10 4spd behind a GM??transmission question,  · I need a new tranny. i am debating going with an M21 or switching to the M22. any good feedback. Google AdSence Sponsor for FGF Forums Re: transmission question [ Re: john Mitchell ] #325116 01/04/20 08:45 AMMUNCIE 4 spd. , excellent shape,  · There are new Italian made gear sets available in a number of different ratios. I built mine a couple years ago with a new AG Supercase that solves just about all of the old Muncie's weaknesses. I built it with an M22 Italian gearset with the coarser gear angle for greater strength (and that famous Rock Crusher whine in lower gears).